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Landless Voices II

Landless Voices II: Gender and Education


This database provides educational resources on gender diversity and the sexual division of labour for use by secondary teachers and students in Brazil’s areas of Agrarian Reform and, more specifically, Paraná’s.


It enables the school system in rural areas to introduce gender in their syllabi and confront gender prejudice, discrimination and violence, in line with the 2013 National Guidelines for Basic Education. It also enables school resources to be updated in view of the country’s 2013 legalization of same-sex marriage. It further fills a gap, as the State of Paraná’s Curriculum Guidelines for Rural Education (2006), in itself a major advance, did not include gender.


Landless Voices II: Gender and Education is one of the outputs of the International Integrated Project between Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Gender and Education in Rural Areas in Brazil, under the auspices of the Newton Fund and the British Academy, from September 2015 to September 2017.


The project, a pioneering initiative of the researchers Else R. P. Vieira (Professor of Brazilian and Comparative Latin American Studies at QMUL) and Sonia Fátima Schwendler (Associate Professor of the Education Sector of UFPR), brings academic research carried out at QMUL, in Cultural and Gender Studies in the rural context, to Brazil’s countryside. This knowledge transfer is intended to benefit the social segment of Agrarian Reform settlements and contribute to the training of secondary school teachers. The project also consolidates UFPR's status as a reference in the production of new knowledge and pedagogical approaches in Rural Education.


The resources were produced during several workshops, convened by Else R. P. Vieira and Sonia F. Schwendler at the Iraci Salete Strosak and Contestado Rural State Schools, in Paraná’s settlements of Agrarian Reform, in 2015 and 2016. They are authored by the students themselves, in consonance with Paulo Freire's view of the student as a co-producer of knowledge.



Research Team:


Else R. P. Vieira and Sonia F. Schwendler (Main Investigators and Project Conveners).


Ana Caroline Mayrhofer, Catarina Rielli Vieira, Douglas Guerra Trevisan, Jéssica Lorena Mainardes da Silva, Karyn Elizabeth Osternack Betiatto, Luciane Olegario da Silva, Mariana Ribeiro do Amaral, Maria Regina Monssão, Nicolle Cloe Nassur, Regina Amelia Santini de Oliveira, Sabrina Karen Freschi, William Barbosa (Trainees in Education).

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