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Landless Voices II

Two mouths are made to kiss

Student girl: Nothing against marriage, but I would not go [at homosexual marriage] because my family was raised in a traditional way. A couple is a father and a mother. Now, if I want to date, I date a boy. If he wants to date, date a girl. I would not go. I have nothing against it, but if you have been cuddling in front of me.

Student boy: I think if there are two mouths, then they can kiss!

Student girl: Teacher, he spoke like that, oh: If there are two mouths they can kiss!' Of course you can, but go kiss in your corner, not for me to stare [...].

Student boy: My brother is homosexual. Normal, my family accepts, everyone accepts. But, like, in her case, she was raised in that culture. But she can change that culture. The human being is not limited, you can change.

Student girl: I do not see my father, like he is a cave man. I do not want to change; I do not see myself kissing the mouth of another woman.

Student boy: But if you cannot change your mind, you cannot change anything else. (Shouts, applause). I think, so if two girls like each other they have every right to stay. It's not because society says it has to be man with woman. I think when two people really like each other, it really does not matter.


Debate between secondary school students – morning.

Iraci Salete Strosak Rural State School – Rio Bonito do Iguaçu – Paraná.

Workshop: April 28, 2016.

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