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Landless Voices II

The access to knowledge

About the diversity within the school, the little debate it had was well grounded, caused "great revolt" among the students and they began to debate and to understand a little. Inside the school, the process of prejudice is very serious. [...] The project made the students take a stand, begin to debate the issue of machismo within the school. Analysing the schools in the neighborhood, ours is the school with the largest number of LGBTs, but everyone is hidden, or most. It turns things difficulty, to find, to talk, training. In a collective of 400 students, almost 30 are LGBTs within the school. But most are in the closet. There are few [who come out] due to the settlement itself. We have cases of LGBTs murder inside the settlement.  It’s very sad a reality like that. [...] Those prejudiced jokes. If you call someone fagot inside the school, a quarrel comes out.  People learned to debate.

Something else at school, in the community there is a lot of religious influence. Most of our students are evangelical and most of the LGBTs inside the school is evangelical [...] and they refuse even to participate in the political debate. They are so tied up there because the church blocked them all, censure. [...] There are two cases inside the school of students who are in a stage of near-deep depression because of this. They know of their homosexuality, but they don’t accept themselves for fear of the family and so. The worst prison is the internal prison. At our school now we are trying to get into a bigger debate, to organise a diversity collective within the school, [...] but we will wait for each one's time. [...] So if one has a human conscience, it has a theoretical foundation to be able to debate, I think that we can "convert" others to not being homophobic, not being sexist.


Secondary School student’s testimony.

Iraci Salete Strosak Rural State School – Rio Bonito do Iguaçu – Paraná.

 Seminar: November 24-26, 2016.

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