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Landless Voices II

Changing family work relationships

Before was the mother who worked all things, then after my sister was born, there she passed the service to her, for example, had lunch there, take the table and wash the dishes. Whose service was it? It was my sister's. And I always was asked to help, to dry the dishes, it was always that. Now it is not anymore. Until these days I was explaining to Mom. Because at dinner there, you're going to take the table. Who's going to do the dishes? Today was my day. Tomorrow it's her turn. Even to have a cycle. I think then it's a family model that is innovating. 


Secondary student girl’s report – afternoon.

Iraci Salete Strosak Rural State School – Rio Bonito do Iguaçu – Paraná.

Workshop: November 13, 2015.

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