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Landless Voices II

Breaking with the sexist practices

I live with my grandmother and grandfather now. In fact, my grandfather is very macho, but he says he is not. These days we went to travel, to go to my parents' house, there was my mother, my aunt, all sitting on the couch and my father making dinner. Hence my grandfather: 'Wow, my son, did not I come here for you to stay in the kitchen and the woman on the sofa? I did not teach you this.' Hence my grandmother: 'I taught. And I'm proud to see him doing it now, because his wife takes care of her daughter and of another child too, while she works all day at home. He was off today and I'm proud of my son making dinner.' My grandmother is kind of a closed person. She had to do everything. At first she did, but after I began to talk to her about these things, then she changed with her mind. I already noticed that she began to change when she said: I taught, I am proud to have taught my son how to cook.


Secondary student girl’s report – night.

Contestado Rural State School – Lapa – Paraná.

Workshop: March 16, 2016.

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