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Landless Voices II

Facing gender inequalities

Although the other time we had here [the workshop], I complained a lot that he [my brother] did not help me, that's when I got home and talked to him, with father and mother. Today he gets up, the first thing he does is ask if he has anything to do. He cleans his room, cleans the bathroom, helps. He has changed a lot. It only started because of the conversation in our family. I called everyone there and I said. Either it changes or I do not do anything else. […] The same day that we talked, I was going to leave with my mother, so the father said: 'One of you two can stay to make food to us.' But then I said: Dad, you and my brother can cook, why do not you cook? Then they wondered, and said, 'Go.' From that day on they make food for themselves. They clean the house, they do everything right. [...] At home the good thing was that the mother thought the same way I did. We both agreed to talk to them. I came to my mother and said: I cannot take it anymore, I'm working too hard, still studying. Then she said, yes, and they do not do anything in the house either. Then we both called them to talk, and from there they began to change.


Secondary student girl’s report – night.

Contestado Rural State School – Lapa – Paraná.

Workshop: March 16, 2016.

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