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Landless Voices II

Reproduction of the sexual division of labour

I am separated from my ex-husband, the father of my 10-year-old son. My ex-mother-in-law wanted to make me do everything. Her husband comes home – that question you put, I had not thought of it – he worked all day, he would come, lay on the couch and put a stool to put his feet. She would remove his shoes, prepare the dinner, put the dinner on the plate, bring it to him on the couch. Then she wanted me to do this to her son! There was a day when I was lying down and told my husband: you could get me a glass of water. Wow, when she heard, she freaked out! Said: Where did you see that? You are woman, he worked, and you cannot ask.


Secondary student girl’s report – night.

Contestado Rural State School – Lapa – Paraná.

Workshop: March 16, 2016.

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